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This isn't my first time in Zawame City, though the first time I visited my brother, it was a trip purely for the luxury of it, so to speak, and he met me at the main city entrance and took me directly to his office, then to his apartment. We didn't see much of anyone else, mostly because I was there to see him.

This time is a little different. Zawame is slightly outside of my assigned region, but my personal association with the area was given precedence over the Knight that would usually be dispatched to deal with a Horror here.

Not that my "estranged" older brother is that common of knowledge.

Still, he doesn't know I'm coming this time, though I do intend to see him. I remember where his office is located- it would be hard not to, considering how ostentatious that tree shaped tower is- so I head there first.

It doesn't even occur to me that, much like my associates among the rest of the Makai order, Ryouma's associates within Yggdrasill might not know he even has a brother, much less a twin.
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- Post your character, name, and series in the subject. Include any preferences as well.
- Go to RNG and enter 1-7 for a scene type, and 1-20 for a scene to play out.
- Have fun!

(may be dirty and/or triggery, have at!)


Kink meme

Aug. 10th, 2013 07:00 pm
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The Let's Get Kinky Meme

1. Comment with your character. Please include the character's name, canon, and any prefs you might have (ex. "guys only" or "no heavy stuff")
2. Tag someone else! Hit up RNG and roll from 1-20 for a kink, or make something up.
3. Be respectful of other players' preferences. Please avoid wank and all of that negative stuff. Let's all play nice!
4. PLEASE BE WARNED, some scenarios in this meme include triggering content! Play at your own risk.

Kinks )

meme time

Aug. 10th, 2013 06:52 pm
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ripped totally off inspired by the plurk meme: your character is minding their own business (or maybe not) when another shoves them up against a wall. to kiss them, fuck them, or fight them. what happens next is up to you.

1. tag with your character's name, fandom, and preferencs in the subject
2. tag others and shove them against the wall
3. profit

(may be triggery, probably will be dirty, HAVE AT)
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Miu has time off, during the holidays, and I'm taking my own time off, so I can spend it with her. I know she doesn't really like pretending to be a teacher at the Amanogawa school, and I want her vacation to be as pleasant and rejuvenating as it can be. Sousuke will be joining us later in the week, but for the first night, well.

Peace and quiet is best, I think.

I'm not much of a cook, but I don't want her to go to the trouble tonight. So I order a lavish meal from one of the finest restaurants in town, and have it all set out and ready for her on the dinning room table for when she arrives, complete with candlelight and fresh flowers in every room.

There are even fresh rose petals on our bed. I... want her to feel special.
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They have been messing me around for all of my life, well, maybe only since I was three! But that's a long time! I'm nearly grown up now, and I've had enough.

Ryuu-san and Hiromu won't believe me if I threaten them with not fighting.

But if I threaten them with taking up my own contract........ well, they'll have to pay attention to me, then. I'm sick of being lied to!

Warpath, meet me.

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It's been several months now, since my almost break up with Eiji. I've done my best to become independent, while trying to nurse my shaken bond with him. I've taken up odd jobs here any there, anything to get me "out of the nest", as it were. I still come home each night, still sleep beside him, still wrap my arms around him and nuzzle my nose into his neck, breathing him in as I drift off into my dreams.

I still love him, that hasn't changed, I'm just... trying to figure out who I am now. Both with him and... independent of him.

It's summer now, the days are getting hotter and hotter, the nights too. And I have decided to try a seasonal job that pertains to a particular interest of mine: ice candy. I'm not manning my own cart, I'm just helping someone else out; it gives me the freedom to run off and be moral support for Eiji if a random battle crops up.

It also gives me the freedom to address a new desire of mine.

I duck down a quiet street, oddly familiar for some reason, residential, high rise apartments. It feels... like a safe place, like I feel calmer here, and I let out a slow sigh as I tug a pack of cigarettes out of my back pocket, lighting one with a match and inhaling deeply.
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The problem with being second in command is that it's boring. Immensely so.

Pester Misa-chan. Find Gate. Send Phantom after Gate. Observe. Watch Phantom attempt to drive Gate to despair. Watch Phantom fail. Flee obnoxious mages. Rinse, repeat. Ad nauseam.

Not that I really care one way or the other, about Gates and Phantoms and Sabbaths. Mostly I'm trying to keep Wiseman off my back for as long as possible while I do my own things, in my own way.

What sort of a stupid name is Wiseman anyway?

Damn, I wish I knew where he came from.

I'm bored. Misa-chan is being obstinate. Too bad I need her to find a Gate.

Unless I decide... Well, since she's being so disrespectful of my authority, I suppose I could take a day off from full-time Phantoming and exercise some of my own personal pastimes.

Finding girls is a lot easier than finding Gates.
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The SPD Rangers had gotten an emergency call from the Time Force Rangers and of course they'd gone running. Wes had said they were being attacked by two assailants and their cronies, with one of the assailants being the evil Black ranger they'd been trying to track, before he'd been cut off.

Sky was trying very hard not to think about why his dad had been cut off and just getting there was fast as he could.

When they arrived on the scene, all they found was a badly beaten Wes laying on the ground. Running to him, Sky powered down and dropped to his knees. "Wes?" He said, trying to swallow his panic as he checked his father over. He knew he should be checking the perimeter and making sure they weren't still in any danger...but this was his dad. He trusted Bride and Jack to watch his back while he made sure Wes was alright.
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The way things are going, I'm not sure where I stand anymore. It was a curiously long winter, so I spent a lot of time just wandering around town, trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I thought about getting a job, but I couldn't really think of anything I was qualified for. I considered trying to get into university, but I'm probably not smart enough. I didn't exactly get the best grades in school, and that was American school anyway.

Pretty much the only thing I'm really good at besides gardening is speaking both English and Japanese, but I'm not sure how an 18 year old is liable to get a job as an interpreter or anything.

Anyway, all my fretting over the winter clears up as soon as spring arrives, then I throw myself back into the Shiba gardens, pretty much every day.
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[ So adventure really isn't all it's cut out to be, Hikaru figures. Today, they're headed out to the waterfront, and he wonders if other families do this, or if it's just the group of them and the Ozu family.

More or less, he's pretty disillusioned with the ideal as a whole anyway. Still, someone has to make sure Sidney doesn't run full-force into a wall or seven, or that Naga doesn't murder a pack of bystanders...

So he comes along anyway. He's just gonna loom at the back of the pack though, a head taller than all the rest and a good deal less entertained. However, a little of his annoyance was probably due to the pair of large picnic baskets he was stuck carrying, so it wasn't all bad.
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Dreamwalker Meme

Surprise! Either the monster of the week has done something to you or just by random chance, you can walk into other people's dreams. Whether it's full walking and interacting or just observing, that's up to you. The question is, what will you do with the knowledge you've gained by walking through someone else's sub-conscious thoughts?

1. Tag in your pups.
2. Either give a start with what your pup is dreaming about or use the RNG at Random Scenario Meme/Nightmares Meme to come up with a dream. It can be as serious, kinky, fluffy or cracktastic as you wish.
3. Tag other pups to walk in their dreams!

And remember, Luna sees all and is secretly judging you >_>
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[continued from here]

It's been too long since I've been on my Galleon, far too long. Too many nights spent restless in a foreign, landlocked bed. Bless Doc and his resourcefulness for finding such a house, for keeping his cover, for finding Joe and watching after him. But I missed the Galleon. I missed my home.

I missed my love.

I haul this Basco into the common room, the room I and his face counterpart shared so many things. Together, alone, with AkaRed. The decor has changed. Half of Ahim's tea sets still comfortably crowd the shelves. The small table we used to share meals over is cluttered with Don's tools, now gathering dust from disuse, just like the tea sets. Joe's workout bench is pushed into one corner, and Gai's scrapbooks litter the dinning table. Those books have the least amount of dust on them; I used to paw through them on lonely nights when I tried to forget the Galleon ghosts that haunted me in my solitude that followed Gai's death.

I deposit him on the couch, and find myself taking great care in propping his head up against one of the arm rests. I want to spit after. Want to cry.

I find the pair of shackles I had in mind near the galley, as always. Ready and waiting. They're strong enough to hold Basco. My Basco at least, I know this from all my dealings with him.

Fighting beside him.

In the bedroom.

Fighting against him.

I shackle his feet together, and then his hands, and secure him to the couch. With enough room to sit up, move his arms a bit, but not enough room to stand properly. He could break the couch if he wanted to, I know this, but I don't think he will.

At east I hope he won't.

I move to the galley while he remains unconscious. Slapping a plate together from whatever food remains in the stores. Preserved meats, hard cheeses that haven't gone too blue, some old fruit preserves, and a scattering of pickled vegetables.

I set the plate down on the coffee table beside the couch, close to this Basco's head, then move to my chair, gently settling into it, and only wincing slightly.

It's been a long time since I've sat in this chair.

It feels wonderful.

It feels empty.


I wait for this Basco to wake.
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My life as I know it is over. Now, I have to break the news to Hakase that so is his.

I'm not quite cruel enough to just leave a note on his pillow, and even then he'd only run all over the ship screaming about it. I'm just going to have to do this the hard way.

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(stolen from Bakerstreet, sans pics and formatting as I am lazy)

I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.

i. Scenarios
① kidnapped for ransom - everyone wants to make a quick buck. and what quicker way is there than ransoming someones life. Not that everything always goes to plan. Let's just hope that everyone comes out alive and happy.
② kidnapped for revenge - Someone was on the wrong side. Maybe it's the significant other of an Ex. Maybe it's the Ex themselves. Or perhaps it's even more complicated than that. Either way, there's nothing sweeter.
③ cracknapping - Okay, so you didn't mean to drink that much, but now you have woken up in a room with a bunch of mascots from the game and what is going on?
④ kidnapped for help - We need you help. Whether you're willingly up to offer it or not.
⑤ kidnapped for their own good - Want to get you out of a bad situation. It's for your own good. Trust us. You're safe now, you won't be hurt any more.
⑥accidental kidnapping - okay. so this wasn't... exactly what was planned. But looks like we've got an extra person now. W H O O P S ???
⑦ wildcard - Anyway you want it.

ii. relationship
① kidnapper and kidnapee - The prize and the thief, what better combination?
② kidnapee and rescuer - Don't worry, they're here to save you.
③kidnapees! - Well. Stuck together. This is a good bonding moment.
④ kidnappers anonymous - All of you need to get together and feel bad about yourselves.
⑤ wild card - That's the way you need it

» POST with your character, canon and prefs in the subject line.
» COMMENT to other threads and pick a number. (Or let RNG pick.)
» THREAD out the scenarios!
» Have FUN.
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Every time that I believe that I have calmed myself, that I have slowed my breathing, that my heart no longer races, I stumble upon something and must begin anew to approach calm.

It is foolishness.

So very much foolishness.

He has pledged his life to mine. We are joined, bonded, and whatever his wish might be in this regard, those matters will not change.

However, I am still anxious.

I have invited him to dinner in my room. It is our room, really, and he does not need an invitation. We sometimes do so anyway. We do not eat here every night. The kuroko have assisted in preparing the main meal; my culinary abilities are not great. The desserts that I have prepared with my own hands are in a small cooler in an inconspicuous corner. There are vases of flowers dotted around the room. Red roses, marigolds, clivias, with the main feature of each vase being daisies.

My feet are bare, and I wear red pants, a black, long-sleeved shirt, with gold print. I had considered something more formal, but I do not wish additional pressure. It is why I chose to do this here, instead of at a formal restaurant; alone, instead of surrounded by others.

He taps at the door.
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Ware wa kage, shinnaru ware.
I am the Shadow, the True Self.

Shadows are born from humans, and carry with them human emotions, which are mostly negative; spawned as a result of humans trying to shut away the darkest facets of their personalities.


This post is a place to voice test and sandbox with your character's 'Shadow', a physical (and mostly identical to them) manifestation of their deepest secrets, fears and emotions. How do they act? How are they similar to your character? How are they the different? What does their personality say about your character on a metaphorical level?

Have fun with it! Shadows don't get to walk around harassing people in the real world every day!

1- Post with your character.
2- Tag other characters.
3- One or both of you are not your character, but their Shadow!
4- If you have the werewithal, you're free to play both your own character and their Shadow.
5- Just don't tell your Shadow that they're not you! Who knows what might happen...

ps: You don't have to be a Persona character to play in this post!
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Neesan isn't happy with me at all, but I have a duty.

I'm an adult now, and I'm the only one who can do this. I'm the only one who can be Red Buster. It's time for me to join the rest of the team. Time for me to help fight Vaglass.

I hustle out of the hospital, Nick by my side. His face doesn't move, but it's obvious that he's happy, along with all the urgency. He transforms, and I climb on.

...five minutes later, I get him to turn around, and we check the map.

A few minutes after that, we're walking into EMC.
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It took EMC long enough to decide they could probably trust us enough to let us come and go from their main base and headquarters. To be fair, stealing that entire truck of Enetron probably didn't endear us much at first, but come on! We needed it.

Anyway. Now we're just as good as real members of the team, even if we still tend to operate after our own rules at times.

Still, there is yet one question, and I'm not entirely satisfied with the platitudes and half-answers I've gotten so far.

The biggest plus side is that Masato has taken to spending more and more time with the Commander, which is where I figure he is right now. Which is what allows me to sneak out of the base.

I'm going to find answers, even if I have to do it entirely my own way.


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